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“Mammatts and Davenports” : marriage of two Ashby families : June Bird



“My paternal grandmother, Alice Marjorie Davenport, married Edward Martin Mammatt on 2nd February 1915. I was lucky to inherit a collection of family photographs from her, which dates back to the 1870s, of both the Davenports and Mammatts. She was very interested in preserving the family’s history and labelled them carefully. This meant that when I started researching my family, I could actually see what the people looked like which brought it totally alive : and as my grandmother said : ‘artists think in pictures’. My father, Arthur Gerald Mammatt, had researched a lot of the Mammatts’ history in the days before computers and I regret that I was only able to continue his work after he died, and he was unable to see all the things I have discovered that he was trying so hard to find out.”

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