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Quiz results

The museum ran a quiz at the Tractor Run in Ashby. The answers are shown here.

The winner of the quiz was Mr Paul Sproston of Tamworth.

The answers to the quiz are:

  1. Metal Handle c/w hook at end – what is it used for?

A “Wimble 16” – Agricultural tool for winding straw to tie a corn stoops or bale.

  1. Vets Tools – What is this used for?

For Burning off Calves Horn bud.

  1. Vets Tools – What is this used for?

For Castrating Young Calves.

  1. 2 Old Pop Bottles – A) Name of Bottle inventor?

Hiram Codd.

B) Why was it common for the necks to be broken broken off?

For Children to obtain the marble stopper.

  1. Wooden Handled “Posser” – What is it used For?

Used for Agitating clothes whilst washing them.

  1. Blue Bag Dye – What were they used for?

To make white washing look whiter.

7) Wooden Utensils – What were they used for?

Butter Pats – To shape butter into blocks for sale.