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Return To The Sixpenny Switchback The Burton and Ashby Light Railways by Keith Gilliver


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Burton and Ashby Light Railways was owned by the Midland Railway and
built to connect their stations at Burton, Swadlincote, where the line
split with one route going Castle Gresley and the other route via
Woodville to Ashby. The system operated between 1906 and 1927.
After closure all the trams were disposed of. A chance discovery
by members of Gresley Model Railway Club resulted in them acquiring the
body of Car 14 which they did a lot of restoration work on.
Following sponsorship and major restoration the tram moved to Detroit in
1980 and ran there for the next 23 years. When the system was
closed in 2003 it was assumed that the tram had been scrapped but in
October 2014 it resurfaced and has returned to this country. In
1983 Peter White and Joe Storer wrote and published a book called
Sixpenny Switchback which was the first full history of the
tramway. Both the original authors are now dead but Peter's vast
photographic collection is now housed at Ashby Museum. This is a much
enhanced version of the book called 'Return to the Sixpenny
The Author, Keith Gilliver, was a close friend of Peter's and was in a unique position to write this.

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